What's up, Cinnaman?


Natural Chicle Chewing Gum – What’s Up Cinnaman?

Traditional cinnamon gums contain lots of artificial ingredients, including stuff that's derived from petroleum, butadiene-based synthetic rubber and BHT. Yuck!

Meet a different kind of cinnamon gum. It's natural and safe because it contains only five ingredients. None of them were created by mad scientists or sourced irresponsibly. We're talking an all-natural gluten-free, chemical-free, soy-free chewing gum.

This cinnamon gum is perfect for kids (or adults) who love the taste of cinnamon. Each package contains just a bit of spiciness for a little kick - enough heat to feel it, but not so much to get you sweating. It’s basically the Hawaii of cinnamon gums.

About Our Gum

  • Classic cinnamon flavor crafted from five simple ingredients:
    • Organic cane sugar, wild harvested Chicle, natural flavors, organic vegetable glycerin and organic sunflower lecithin
  • No hidden ingredients
  • Great, long-lasting cinnamon flavor, makes great bubbles too


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