Assorted Flavors


Chemical-, Allergen- & Gluten-Free Gum

At Real Good Gum, we do a lot of fooling around, but when it comes to the quality of your chewing gum, we're not blowing bubbles. Our selection of non-GMO gum was carefully created from the ground up using only five simple, natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. The result? A healthy and biodegradable chewing gum you can feel good about enjoying every day. 
Picking just one flavor is tough. This chewing gum combo pack will provide you with a taste of everything!

What will your order of assorted natural gum contain? Well, two packs each of the following:

Hello, Bubbleful

Our classic bubble gum flavor is guaranteed to bring out the eight-year-old in all of us. Made from a special blend of natural fruit flavors and packing some heavy-duty bubble-blowing potential. Hee, hee. We said “duty.”

Nice To Mint You

Our mint gum is a breath of fresh of air. Cooling, long-lasting and refreshing, it’s the perfect gum to chew if you’re a close-talker, trying to make a good first impression or just went to town on a tub of roasted-garlic hummus.

What's Up Cinnaman? 

Full of flavor with a touch of spiciness for a little kick. It’s just enough heat to feel it, but not so much you'll start sweating. It’s basically the Hawaii of cinnamon gums.

About Our Gum

All our gums are all crafted from five simple ingredients:Organic cane sugar, wild harvested Chicle, natural flavors, organic glycerin and organic sunflower lecithin

No hidden ingredients
Great, long-lasting flavor, all our gums make great bubbles too


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