Hello, Bubbleful


Natural Chicle Chewing Gum - Hello Bubbleful

Finally, a healthy bubble gum. We're bursting with excitement!

Why? Because we've tried a lot of children's chewing gum, including some all-natural bubble gums, and consistently came up disappointed. Traditional chewing gum contains artificial ingredients, including derivatives of petroleum, synthetic rubber and the known carcinogen BHT. Yuck! Still other gums we tried couldn’t match the flavors or consistency of the gums we grew up with.

After some extensive searching, we decided that sometimes if you want something done well, you've got to do it yourself.

Meet a different kind of bubble gum. Hello, Bubbleful is made from just five simple ingredients: chicle that’s responsibly sourced from Mexican and Central American forests, natural flavors, organic, non-GMO glycerin, organic, non-GMO sunflower lecithin and natural sweetness from organic, real cane sugar.

About Our Gum

  • Classic bubble gum flavor crafted from five simple ingredients:
    • Organic cane sugar, wild harvested Chicle, natural flavors, organic glycerin and organic sunflower lecithin
  • No hidden ingredients
  • Great, long-lasting bubble gum flavor, makes great bubbles too


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